CozyBling began with the alliance of two successful female entrepreneurs. They had many mutual friends, and were introduced to each other a few years ago. They began to meet on a monthly basis to give each other business advice, as well as to vent about the hardships of running their own businesses. They became close friends and also shared their life accomplishments together. In addition to their entrepreneurial business ventures, this included getting married, moving in with a new boyfriend, having a baby, and moving apartments, among others.

While discussing business opportunities that focused on solutions for everyday needs, they came to the conclusion that there was a lack of affordable cute and trendy Bling Scarves and accessories to wear throughout the day with their hectic lifestyles. So what are two successful female entrepreneurs to do when they see a problem? Solve it, of course!

The two friends then started to brainstorm about ways to solve their problem… and Cozy Bling was born! They are pleased to launch Cozy Bling Scarves!

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