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Jamie Lieberman Inflammatory Breast Cancer Fund

Jamie was 34 years old when she was diagnosed with a distinct form of breast cancer. - one that did not show up on a mammogram, but it was obviously there because to the touch her breast felt hard and hot. One that after describing her symptoms, she was told to 'wait a few weeks and then get a check-up'. Waiting is the exact WRONG advice to give! She did not feel any lump, but rather her skin looked like an orange peel. CLASSIC SYMPTOMS for the most insidious cancer known as INFLAMMATORY BREAST CANCER. It's prognosis is grim- though Inflammatory Breast Cancer occurs in only 1-5% of the breast cancer population, it accounts for 10% of all deaths.

Jamie wanted to spread awareness about this disease she and her family knew nothing about. She left us with a mission- to educate about this disease and to help fund research for other young women like Jamie. Since her passing, June 6, 2012, through fundraising efforts we have funded an innovative genetic trial - the goal is to try and isolate a gene which correlates with IBC. We hope to save lives in Jamie's memory.

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